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The national team is more focused on lifting the World Cup than the Indian match, Sammy Yap said.

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Sai Yab, the fierce opening batsman of the Pakistan cricket team, revealed that it is true that the eyes of the world are on the India-Pakistan game on June 9, but the truth is that the national team is focusing on More shots More trophies in the World Cup than the Indian competition.

Speaking about Syed Yahya Hussaini on Geo News’ Score, Saeem Ayub said: I think the team has expectations from me. After the New Zealand tour It was a shame not to play a big innings against New Zealand in the home series, however, to say I was under pressure would be a real understatement.

Sayyab says he is trying his best and feels he will definitely succeed.

Talking briefly about his new look, surnamed Yap said that playing is very risky, it’s not easy at all, everything doesn’t go according to plan, it happens suddenly, he finds an opportunity to score runs and in one match he tries it out. Then it started playing short.

He said that if I don’t play well my parents are more worried than me. I want to win for the Pakistan team and be the best player of the match. No bowler is so poor that he runs out.

Speaking about the Australia tour, Saim Ayub said that in his Sydney Test debut, Mitchell Starc said: “Today you will definitely come out with zero. Bowling, he was angry about that and when I batted he hit a six. He became even more angry.

It should be noted that 21-year-old Saeem Ayub has played one Test and 17 international T20 matches for Pakistan.

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