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The National Theater of Scotland has unveiled its retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Kidnapped,

The show’s world premiere will take place on March 31 at the Beacon Arts Center in Greenock.

It will then tour the Theater Royal in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Eden Court in Inverness, the Perth Theater and the Northern Stage in Newcastle between March and May.

The story has been adapted for the stage by Isobel MacArthur, along with Michael John McCarthy, the writer and music supervisor behind the Olivier Prize-winning Pride and Prejudice* (*type)Commissioned by Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.

In his rewrite of the story, the relationship between the central characters – Davy Balfour and Alan Brake Stewart – is reinterpreted as a romance.

MacArthur and McCarthy said in a statement: “In KidnappedIt seemed to us that Stevenson was the man, his beliefs and experiences more than any other of his fiction.

“His deeply romantic view of being human, his attempts to capture a sense of innocence and wonder in the world, his lust for travel, his fascination for glamor and physical strength … they are all here.

“In this novel, Stevenson asks what it’s like to be Scottish, to be in love, to grow up—all in a historical story, full of humor, heart, and song.

“It’s a true adventure story – where body, heart and soul are put through their motions – to alternating, thrilling, dynamic and humorous effects. We just couldn’t pass it up.”

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