The opposition should not worry about our government; We should look at our own unity: Devendra Fadnavis IG News

Mumbai, Paddari Online : Monsoon session of the state starts from tomorrow. Against this backdrop, the Shinde government left the opposition parties in control. The opposition has boycotted the tea party as usual before the session. The opposition party has forgotten that Eknath Shinde has become the Chief Minister since last one and a half months. So now they are expecting a lot from us. And we will complete it,” Fadnavis said.

Speaking further, he said, opposition party should not worry about our government. Opposition parties should see their own unity rather than us. Three party government has become three directions. Congress has raised a question on this. Also, since our government came, the ministry has been filled and flourished. A crowd of people is appearing. And people are getting things done.

Also, it appears that the opposition has more faith in us. Farmers were not helped for 9-9 months during Mavia. We have helped 95 percent so far. And this government of ours has reached out to the people in natural calamities.
This government has never seen where it is and in which party it is, while doing the work, we are doing what is in the interest of the people. Said Fadnavis.

750 different decisions in 40 days

750 different decisions have been taken in 40 days since our government came to power. Opposition leader Ajit Pawar said this and gave proof of the film. So the question of where we are was also presented. Eknath Shinde charged the opposition party that we are on the spot.

Speaking further, he said, we are grassroots workers. Nirsga has supported our government. Opposition leaders have reached the dam after the flood receded. Allegedly. Now the government of common people has come in the state. No postponement was given to essential works. A fund of 5.5 thousand crores has been made available for water conservation.

Uddhav Thackeray did not stop the decisions after his resignation. Shinde said that if we are completing it, we are getting a large response as our government is satisfied with the people.

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