The people of Rajasthan are happy with the Ashok Gehlot government and its schemes: Dotasara IG News

Jaipur, August 30 (Language) Rajasthan unit of Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara claimed on Wednesday that the people of the state are happy with the Ashok Gehlot government and its plans and the Congress government will remain here.

Along with this, Dotasara said that the proposed Parivartan Yatra of the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party would prove to be a ‘super fail’.

In view of the upcoming assembly elections, a large number of potential candidates were seen roaming around the state headquarters of the party with their resumes on Wednesday.

When asked about the BJP’s proposed Parivartan Yatra, Dotasara said, “BJP’s ‘Aakrosh Yatra’ has failed, this Parivartan Yatra will be a ‘superfail’ as it is a fight for supremacy, not a yatra.”

Dotasara further said, “But the people will not change the government in Rajasthan. He is happy with the government, happy with its plans. All the Congress Party workers are happy and enthusiastic.

It is noteworthy that assembly elections are to be held in the state later this year and BJP has announced to take out four Parivartan Yatras in Rajasthan, in which the first yatra will start from Ranthambore (Sawaimadhopur) on September 2.

Dotasara accused the central government of misusing constitutional institutions. He said, “The way the central government is trying to misuse constitutional institutions, crush people, there is a discussion not only in the country but also abroad whether democracy is weakening in India.” Because efforts are being made to crush democracy.

On the gathering of potential candidates for the upcoming elections at the state headquarters of Congress, he said that it is the election season and there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people. He said, “The people of our screening committee are continuously meeting the workers and prominent leaders. Tomorrow he will meet the people of Banswara and Udaipur divisions. Taking most of the feedback. The good thing is that everyone is seeing that there is no anti-incumbency wave regarding the government. There is enthusiasm among the people due to the schemes of the government. Right now there is a good atmosphere in favor of the Congress.

It is noteworthy that the screening committee of the party headed by President Gaurav Gogoi is meeting with the division-wise leaders here. The committee held a face-to-face meeting with party leaders of Ajmer, Bikaner, Sikar and Jaipur divisions here on Tuesday.

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