The people who were waiting for 2 hours.. The incident that they opened the library because the MLA did not come! IG News

The incident took place near Melmaruvathur where the public, who had been waiting for more than two hours for the opening ceremony of fair price shop and library, opened the fair price shop themselves.

Sakthi Srinagar under Kilimaruvathur panchayat near Melmaruvathur of Chengalpattu District, S.V.S. A fair price shop and library was constructed in Shakti Sri Nagar at a residential cost of Rs 7 lakhs in the Nagar area. This fair price shop has been open for over seven years. The people of the area have been demanding for a long time that this government building should be made available for public use.


In this case, District Supply Officer and Seyyur Assembly Member Panaiyur Babu and departmental officials had said that they would open it today on September 28, following the public’s request. For that, all the arrangements for the festival were made on behalf of Kilimaruvathur Panchayat Council. However, the member of Seyyur Legislative Assembly Panaiyur Babu, who was supposed to come at 10 am today, did not come for more than two hours, so the public contacted him on the phone and it seems that he suddenly said that he was unable to come.


Therefore, more than a hundred people from the area who came to participate in the ceremony joined together and opened both the Fair Price Shop and the Library. Seyyur Assembly Member Panaiyur Babu, who said he would attend the ceremony, but did not attend the ceremony, left the public very distressed.




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