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The police officers who had gone to inspect them withdrew IG News


Santibastwad farmers protest: Work stopped as soon as copy of moratorium was given, 15 more farmers accepted moratorium

Belgaum: The workers who went to inspect the trees on the bypass were turned away by the farmers in Santibastwad. During a break from court I went to inspect the trees. During this time, the farmers issued a suspension order to the officials and employees concerned. After that, the employees started to withdraw from there. On Friday, another 15 farmers reached a moratorium against the ring road. MG Patil and Adv. said Prasad Sadekar. In addition, other farmers must also apply for a postponement. Horticulture department staff went to inspect the Santibastwad area on Friday. The farmers stopped them while they were inspecting the trees and numbering them. Tibarpiki land of 32 villages of Belgaum taluka will go to ring road. This will leave the farmers landless. The farmers strongly opposed this. Objections have already been lodged with the State Highway Administration.

But land acquisition officials of the State Highways Authority dismissed these objections. This left the farmers no choice but to approach the High Court. Farmers facing financial problems approach high court. Most of the farmers ignored the stay before the court. But some farmers got a stay in the High Court. So far, more than 55 farmers have reached the moratorium. However, a large number of farmers still have to come forward to get the moratorium. More than 1,200 hectares of land will go into the ring road. So the farmer will be left without land. In addition, Budim is likely to occupy other territories as well. Then all the farmers in the taluka must take it seriously. As the farmers in Santibastwad took a break, the research staff stopped work there. But if the moratorium is not accepted, it will be difficult for the farmers to stop the concerned authorities. Farmers including farmers Maruti Hongekar, Balu Melge, Balaram Patil, Prakash Gurav, Mahadev Birje, Jotiba Marathe objected to the officials who arrived on Friday.

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