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Nitish Sabharwal, Amritsar

On January 27, at 3:30 in the morning, a terrible fire broke out in the slums built in Mohkampur area of ​​Amritsar. The terrible fire engulfed the slums one after another and the belongings of the migrant families were burnt to ashes in minutes. Meanwhile, around 30 migrants living in 9 slums were forced to spend nights in the streets along with their children in extreme cold.

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The office bearers of Red Cross Society, Amritsar held the arm of these poor families and these migrant families were provided with the necessary things so that they can lead their daily life properly. Secretary Asis Inder Singh from Red Cross Amritsar said that under the orders of District Deputy Commissioner Harpreet Singh Sudan, various items including tarpaulins, bamboo etc. are being provided to these needy people so that they can erect their slums properly and support their families. can live Apart from this, blankets and warm clothes were also distributed to the victim’s families.

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