The responsibility of the director of Assam Guards is G P Singh! When will the media come to take responsibility? IG News

The new Director General G P Singh has taken charge of the office of the Director General of Assam Police after the Director General Bhaskar Jyoti Mahant. Responsibilities on taking over the head office of Ulubari

G. P. Singh addressed the media After today, the Chief Executive of Assam will be raised. You have formally taken over the duties assigned to you in the State Government. Let’s make arrangements so that people who are facing unequal protection can work with dignity. The chief conductor of Awasar, Bhaskarjyoti Mahantak, expressed his gratitude to the new chief conductor. Tekhetar also refers to the steps taken to complete the ladder.

The comments of the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Security, the Chief Operating Officer’s love for the country is unwavering. I believe that I will work with integrity and determination I will do a good job as chief executive

At the district level, the head constables will arrange to have close contact with the general public. This year, I will be present at every office after 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Problems with the general public Special arrangements should be made for all working women guards All the women in the working situation face the difficulties of the hospital. How to take steps to remove this problem in the head office. More emphasis on providing digital data, so that the public can easily avail the benefits.

There are currently no new special projects under consideration by the Chief Executive. On the other hand, Purani means the goal of completing the day’s work. The Chief Minister is supposed to make arrangements to ensure that no one is misbehaving after the unequal security of the Chief Minister.

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