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Edmontonians are not alone in grappling with rising food costs. Edmonton’s food bank has also been hit hard by the price hike.

The tally is from the organization’s annual Summer Food Drive, which ended Friday, and while $35,267 was raised in cash, only 22,761 kilograms were raised out of the 50,000-kilogram target.

Food Bank’s Tamison Benz-Knight says the organization is taking out more food than that in a week.

“(In) June, we served over 35,000 people through our Hamper program. That’s more than the population of Leduc,” she told CTV News Edmonton. “And that’s the only obstacle program area.”

In addition to the Hamper program, the food bank serves a number of downtown organizations such as Hope Mission, Boyle Street Community Services, and the Bissell Center.

Cash donations are not going as far as in previous years.

“The cost of living, the cost of food, the cost of everything is going up, not only for Edmonton’s Food Bank, but for everyone else, and even our bulk orders, those prices are going up. Huh.”

“(Executive Director Marjorie Benz) placed another order of over $200,000 worth of food to bring to the truck here to help make sure we have stock on our shelves.”

You can donate to a food bank Monday through Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 8 p.m., or by finding a donation bin at 11508 120 Street at 11508 120 Street, City of Edmonton Fire Stations, or Food Bank Warehouses. can do. Friday and Saturday at 4:30 pm.

Cash donation can also be done online.

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