The son bought his father’s 20 years old car and gave it back to his father as a surprise gift IG News

It is the dream of most people to buy a car with their hard earned money. A car is an essential vehicle for almost all age groups and working groups. Some people have developed an attachment with the cars they have bought. Even if the car has a little bump, Sahisar has developed a kind of mad love for the car to the point of not giving it to others to drive.

Buyback of a 20 year old car

Also in today’s article we are going to know about the exciting news of someone who got his 20 years old Tata Indica back after getting separated from last several years. “A YouTube user named Saurabh.kmph shared this heartwarming video of him repurchasing a 20-year-old Tata Indica.

The silver Tata Indica that Sumit’s parents owned was more of a family member than a car to Sumit. Sumit saw this Tata Indica as the most valuable asset of the family. Sumit posed with his parents with a Tata Indica car and his love for cars can be seen in this.

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Son Sumit returned his parents’ car to them

Now, Sumit has succeeded in buying back his parents’ 20-year-old Tata Indica car, returning their most precious treasure to his parents. According to Sumit, his parents bought a Tata Indica in Akola in 2003 and before selling it in 2013, they drove the car a lot and put a lot of wear on the car.

After the car was sold, no information about the car was available to Sumit. But there was a desire to return the car to the parents.

The son bought back his father’s car and gave it as a gift

Sumit, who started searching for almost decades, made the search for the car like an unrelenting tripartite. Eventually, Sumit successfully repurchased the Indica and returned it to his father. Sumit not only repurchased the car but also focused on beautifying it to bring it back to its former glory. He thanked all the well-wishers and friends who helped in the search for the car.

India’s first domestically designed car

First unveiled at the 1998 Auto Expo, the Tata Indica was India’s first indigenously designed car. Tata Motors received over one lakh bookings within two weeks of announcing the price of the car.

Known for good fuel efficiency

Priced between Rs 2.59 lakh and Rs 3.9 lakh, the Indica is launched in two engine options, petrol and diesel, making it India’s first hatchback to offer a diesel variant.

Competing against other small cars of its time like the Maruti Suzuki Zen, Hyundai Santro, Daewoo Matiz and Fiat Uno, the Tata Indica was known for its spacious cabin and good fuel efficiency.