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The student came from a school farewell in Indore. Student came from school in Indore: committed suicide at home, case of Khudai area – Indore News IG News


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A class 12 student living in Khudail area of ​​Indore committed suicide by hanging himself. He returned home from the school event late at night. After that he did the housework. Then he went into the room. After that he committed suicide. The police sent the body to the mortuary at night for an autopsy.
According to Khudail police, Ayush (20), son of Lakhan Chaudhary, a resident of Sanavadia, committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. At night, the father’s older son saw him hanging in the room. Notified family members. Ayush was taken to a nearby private hospital. From here it was sent to MY.
I came home from a school function
Family members said Ayush was a class 12 student. He is studying CBSE. His exam was from February 21. He was busy preparing for it. There was an event at the school on Saturday. He returned home from there in the evening. After that he had a nice talk with everyone. After that he went to the room.
older brother, father a farmer
In Ayush’s family, his father is a farmer by profession and runs a jet ski shop. Ayush’s elder brother is Ankit. Who is studying at a private college. Family members said his elderly father and his family also live with Ayush. There were no problems in the family about money or anything. Even Ayush didn’t talk about the stress of studying. No suicide note was found at the scene.

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