The truth is on the screen again .. Please do that work, the government is requested – News18 Telugu IG News

The truth is on the screen again .. Please do that work, the government is requested – News18 Telugu

Satyam Babu: The murder case of Ayesha Meera, a bee pharmacy student, has become a major issue in joint Andhra Pradesh. Satyam Babu, who was arrested by the police as the main accused in the case, was sentenced to several days. But after a long trial .. he was acquitted in that case .. but he lost his life for more than about nine years. What has happened so far ..? On December 27, 2007, B.Pharmacy student Ayesha Meera was brutally murdered in a hostel in Vijayawada. Ayesha Meera dies under suspicious circumstances in a pool of blood in the bathroom. A letter was also found stating that he had been murdered for refusing his love. Ayesha Meera was raped and murdered. Satyam Babu, a resident of Anasagaram village, Jaggayyapeta mandal, Krishna district, was arrested in August 2008 on suspicion in the case.

Vijayawada Women’s Sessions Court has sentenced Satyam Babu to life imprisonment in the Ayesha Meera case. The victim appealed the verdict to the High Court. The High Court, which heard the case, acquitted Satyam Babu and ordered disciplinary action against the investigating officers. Ordered to pay Rs 1 lakh as compensation to the victim. The High Court directed Satyam Babu to file a petition for compensation. But so far no justice has been done to him.

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In this context, Satyambabu submitted a joint petition to the Collector. The High Court has issued orders to pay him compensation. However, Satyambabu has complained that he has not received compensation so far. Recently, Satyam Babu has asked the government to pay him compensation. NTR met District Collector Delhi Rao. Satyam Babu today submitted a petition to the Collector as part of the response program. In the petition, the collector was asked to pay compensation of Rs 10 lakh along with two acres of cultivable land. Satyam Babu said he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He also demanded that the government do him justice. He demanded compensation as the High Court had acquitted him in the Ayesha Meera case.

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Battula Ramprasad, president of the National Mala Welfare Association, demanded that an SC, ST atrocity case be filed against the policemen who were jailed for nine years for filing an illegal case. He also demanded compensation of Rs 10 crore as Satyambabu wanted.

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