The US will give H-1B applicants another chance IG News

Washington, August 2 (Punjab Mail) – USCIS. said that the first applicants will be given a second chance once again through a second lottery to meet the annual cap.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USC) announced that it will hold a second random lottery for H-1B temporary work visas to meet the annual cap for fiscal year 2024.
An initial lottery was held in March of this year, but the agency said it recently found it would need to select more H-1B applicants to reach next year’s cap. It is not stated when the lottery will be held.
The H-1B program, particularly popular in the technical and engineering fields, has an annual limit of 85,000 visas. H-1B applications submitted for 2024 increased by 61%, with 780,884 applications.
The second lottery will be drawn only from the previously submitted applications.