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The voting process is taking place in 21 National Assembly constituencies and provinces. by suspending internet service

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Dollars are expensive Weekly reports continue.

City 42: in one week The dollar is 8 cents more expensive in the interbank Weekly reports on the currency market are published.

According to reports, the interbank dollar rose from Rs 279.28 to Rs 279.36 in a week. The dollar rose 77 paisa on the open market. The dollar rose from Rs 281 to Rs 281.77 in the open market in a week. The Euro became more expensive by 30 paise to Rs 302.30 in the open market.

On the open market in a week The British pound rose 39 pese to 353.96 rupees, the United Arab Emirates dirham rose 1 pese to 76.82 rupees and the Saudi riyal rose 10 pese to 74.95 rupees.

According to the state bank information in one week Reserves of state banks increased by 13 million dollars. Reserves of state banks increased to 8 billion 565 million dollars. Reserves of commercial banks increased by 39 million dollars to 5 billion 10 million dollars. Total reserves of the country increased by 5. Million, 1 million dollars is 13 billion dollars, 14 million dollars, the state bank has reserves equal to one and a half month’s worth of imports.

Experts say there is pressure on the rupee due to demand for imported bills. And pressure on demand for the dollar is also evident in the open market.

On the other hand, the weekly report of Pakistan Stock Exchange is also published. The stock market has fallen sharply in one week due to political uncertainty.

Index 100 fell 3,071 points in one week. Index 100 failed to maintain the key level of 60,000 after falling sharply 4.9% in one week. Index 100 fell from 62943 to close at 59872 g in one week.

1.75 billion shares worth Rs 67.50 billion were traded in a week. Investors had to bear a loss of Rs 481 billion as share prices fell in a week. Market capitalization fell from Rs 9198 billion to Rs 8717 billion in one week to go.

According to experts Uncertainty about the difficulty of forming a coalition government in the next five years has weighed on the market. The IMF’s failure to approve a plan to provide revolving credit to the caretaker government has pushed the market into negative territory.

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