The walking ceremony toured the city and reached Jain temple Aradhana Bhawan. , The walking ceremony toured the city and reached Jain temple Aradhana Bhawan. IG News

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  • Apologized for the mistakes, respected the ascetics

In the city, the Jain community celebrated the Paryushan festival with the blessings of the city’s original leader Ajitnath Prabhu and God, Guru and Dharma. At the end of the festival, a walking ceremony was taken out in the city on Wednesday. Ascetics were honored during the festival. After Samvatsari Pratikman, the people of the society apologized to each other for the mistakes committed during the year. During the festival, penances like Atthai, Chhath Attam, Tela, fasting, Ekasane, Ayambil etc. were performed. On Wednesday, on the occasion of Palana Panchami, a procession was taken out from the Jain temple.

After the walking ceremony city tour, reached Jain temple Aradhana Bhawan. Where in the welcome address, former society president Prakashchandra Lodha, while approving the penance done by the ascetics during the festival, stressed upon the children and youth to memorize as many religious activities and sutras as possible. Sonu Pritesh Chauhan, Swarna Manish Chauhan presented the eulogy. While addressing, Nirmal Jain expressed happiness over the penance done in the city without saint satis. The last Chauhan, the respected son of Paras Ben Sagarmalji Chauhan, who performed the Eighth Penance during the festival, performed the Eighth Penance by reciting the words.

During the festival, the lecturer Gautam Shrimal was honored with shawl-shriphal. Boys Sammayak Chauhan, Jayant Nakhetra, Vansh Chaudhary and girl Aharya Bafna, who recited sutras in Pratikraman, were rewarded by Nirmal Jain. On this occasion, Parana of all the ascetics was organized in the morning and Swamivatsalya of Shri Sangh in the evening was organized by uncle, nephew, Chauhan family and Kothari family. The program was conducted by Paras Haran. Tanda. In this way, the Jain community organized a procession in the city.