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The Whitehorse Airport is in for a $248 million upgrade — including a runway renovation IG News


The federal and Yukon governments are putting more than $248 million into work at the airport in Whitehorse — with most of the money being used to rehabilitate the main runway.

Yukon Highways and Public Works Minister Nils Clarke said in a press release Friday that the work will ensure the airport continues to meet the territory’s needs.

The Yukon government is contributing $62 million to the overall work and the federal government is contributing more than $186 million.

Clarke said $160 million of the total funding will go toward replacing the runway, and Flatiron Construction has been contracted to do the work. The rest, he said, is earmarked for other “critical improvements” still being planned — such as additional lighting on the runway.

Clarke said the runway replacement is a major project, but disruption to the public is expected to be minimal.

A second runway was expected extended and upgraded in 2022. This work was intended to allow larger aircraft to use the second runway while maintenance, snow removal or de-icing was carried out on the main runway.

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