The woman cut the lover’s genitals with a stick! You will be surprised to know the reason IG News

# Uttar Pradesh: Corruption and crime are increasing day by day. Recently there is an incident in Uttar Pradesh which will surprise you! A 32-year-old woman has been in a live-in relationship with a young man for two years! Live-in is not very uncommon these days. After the breakup of the marriage, the young woman began to live in the same house with the young man with her minor daughter! But he never dreamed that something like this could happen!

The young woman works in a firm. He went to the office as usual! But the woman returned home a little earlier! And what you see when you come, your eyes will be amazed. Her minor daughter was alone with the woman’s lover at home! But the woman never dreamed that this could happen! The young man is trying to rape a minor girl after returning home! Caught red-handed, the young man tried to hit the woman too. Although the woman saved her daughter!

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After that, he can not hold his anger! The young man’s genitals were cut with a vegetable cutter from the kitchen! The young man lies in a bloody state. Now the woman herself called the police. He said, he cut the young man’s genitals to teach him! On the other hand, the young man has been admitted to the hospital. The noise started when this incident became known!

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