The woman’s chocolate hairstyle that went viral on the internet, netizens advised to stay away from children! IG News

Tell me, now is the wedding season. It is the wish of most brides to look good, pose for photos and have an attractive hairstyle. Nowadays there are so many trendy hairstyles that are changing with the times, especially for brides. Braided decoration with flowers, decorated with jewels, bare jasmine, rose, braided decoration with sevantiges and other hairstyles are ruling the beauty world. Accordingly, bridal makeup artists also make the new bride look attractive with various hairstyles. So it is also true that beautiful braids are highly preferred during weddings.

A chocolate braid that has gone viral on the internet

But the hairstyle we are talking about in today’s article is the chocolate hairstyle. Yes, using chocolates to make a beautiful braid, now the video has gone viral and has also received comments and praises from the users. Chaitra, a make-up artist, reveals the functional art of adorning the model with a braid made of chocolates.

Jade design using different chocolates

A make-up artist has uploaded a video on Instagram of a braid decorated with various chocolates, how is the chocolate braid decorated? He told how he prepared. Although it is strange to hear this news, user _chitras_makeup_artist_28 also created a chocolate braid in a wonderful way. Chaitra decorated Jade using chocolates from popular chocolate brands like KitKat, FiveStar, MilkyBar, Ferraro Rocher, Mango Bite.

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A beautiful earring made of mango bite looks beautiful matching the yellow dress worn by the model.

A post that gets more views, comments

The post was posted on Instagram on January 18 and the post has received over 5.7 million views. Some users gave funny comments to the model, advising her to keep away from children.

Netties advised to stay away from children

Other users commented on the post as they felt it. While most advised to keep it away from children, others praised it as a beautiful braid. Others have commented that people are going crazy for wanting to be different.

Users who slip into childhood memories

A user commented that this post reminded me of a childhood memory and remembered that earlier we used to play with flowers like this but never with chocolate. For others, it is a combination of functionality and intelligence. He advised that his work should be appreciated and not criticized.

Others criticized the make-up artist for putting on a beautiful make-up but wasting their efforts by making absurd choices.