The younger sister, who is becoming an obstacle in love, was killed by the older one at the hands of her lover! IG News

MP Crime News: A very surprising news is coming out from Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. According to the information received here, an elder sister killed the younger sister who was obstructing her relationship with her lover. Let me tell you that he gave her a painful death together with her lover. It is also to be mentioned that the elder sister tried to confuse the police by calling this murder an incident, but finally the truth of the murder came out.

Police have arrested the couple and both will be produced in court on Thursday and sent to jail. After the incident, sensation has spread in the entire district. No one can believe in this murder case.

It may be mentioned that this case of murder belongs to Sakhera. According to the information, police of Khera police station received information from the hospital that a girl has died in a suspicious condition and the name of the deceased is being said to be Shikha Awasthi. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot. His sister Khushboo and mother have brought him to the hospital. The hospital management told the police that the family says that the girl died after falling in the bathroom, but the matter is suspicious. The police have started an in-depth investigation on this.

Biga revealed all the secrets of the murder

During the investigation, the needle of police suspicion fell on Khushboo, the elder sister of the deceased. The police took him into custody and interrogated him. Meanwhile, Khushbu tried to distract the police from the investigation and denied the murder. But, when the police questioned her, she broke down and revealed all the secrets of the murder. He told the police that he befriended Rahul Singh, a resident of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, through social media. Gradually this friendship turned into love.

The condition of murder of the sister placed before the lover for marriage

Khushbu told the police that she wanted to marry Rahul Singh, but Shikha did not approve of it. Even after explaining several times, the matter could not be resolved between the two. The police said that Shikha had been talking about something due to the smell. Both used to fight. According to the police, Khushboo was troubled by Shikha since childhood. Khushbu took her boyfriend Rahul Singh along to remove Shikha. She tells Rahul that if he wants to marry her, he will have to kill Shikha.

Some thus committed murder

Lover Rahul accepts his girlfriend’s proposal and comes from Amethi to Sainkhera in Narsinghpur to kill Shikha. When Rahul reached Sainkhera on February 22, Khushbu gave her mother sleeping pills. After this he called Rahul home and killed his younger sister Shikha. Both of them first hit Shikha on the head with a stone and then stabbed her several times with a knife. After this, he created the story of Shikha falling in the bathroom. When the mother woke up from her sleep, she saw Khushbu in such a state. Then Khushboo along with her mother reached the hospital with Shikha’s dead body.

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