There is no fee to update Aadhaar card online, this free service is only available for this time. IG News

This free service is available from March 15 to June 14, 2023 only

Updated: Mar 16th, 2023

Dt. 14 March 2023, Thursday

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided the facility to update Aadhaar card online for free till June 14. This information has been given in an official statement. Earlier, people had to pay Rs 25 for updating their documents on the Aadhaar portal. According to the official statement, “Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has decided to allow citizens to update their Aadhaar documents online for free. This move will benefit millions of people. This free service is available for the next three months i.e. from March 15 to June 14, 2023.

Aadhar update has to be done after 10 years

As per Aadhaar Registration and Update Regulations, 2016, Aadhaar number holders who have completed 10 years from the date of registration for Aadhaar can update their supporting documents at least once. The statement said that this service is provided free of cost only on the Aadhaar portal, while a fee of Rs 50 will be charged at Aadhaar centers as before.

Earlier fee was paid for updating documents

A few days ago UIDAI said, “If your Aadhaar is created 10 years back and has not been updated even once, you are requested to submit your ‘Identity Proof’ and ‘Address Proof’. Recheck the documents.” Uploading has to be done.At that time, the online uploading fee was kept at Rs 25 and for offline this fee was Rs 50, which has been waived off now.