There was a dispute between the councilors including the Executive Officer and Nagar Panchayat President regarding organizing the fair. IG News

▪️They are making statements by accusing each other
▪️Organization of fair Gugal is a topic of discussion in the area

Thana Bhavan – The dispute between the executive officer and the councilors regarding organizing Fair Gugal has now become a topic of discussion on social media. Both are firm on their views and are accusing each other of misleading and giving information to the public based on false facts.

A press note written by Nagar Panchayat Police Station President Mushayda Begum is going viral on social media. In which it is written that a meeting was organized in the Nagar Panchayat on 1 September 2023 regarding the organization of Fair Gugal to be held at Police Station Jaharveer Goga Mhadi. In which 16 out of 17 councilors had decided to organize Mela Gugal by the elected board. Whereas the meeting was canceled by the Executive Officer saying that the fair will be organized through contract system. The dispute increased between both the sides. Regarding this, some councilors under the leadership of Nagar Panchayat President’s husband Rao Haji Jamshed also met the District Officer. In which it was demanded that Fair Gugal should be organized by the elected board. Regarding this, the District Magistrate had asked ADM Shamli to investigate the matter. A day earlier, a post was issued by the Executive Officer on social media that Mela Gugal will be organized through contract system, for this the councilors have also agreed. On Thursday, many councilors put their signatures on the letter pad of Nagar Panchayat President Mushayda Begum and released a letter (press note) on social media. In which it was said that it is firm on its decision to organize the fair by the elected board. It was alleged that the Executive Officer has issued a misleading and fact-less statement. The dispute between the two sides regarding the organization of the fair is not stopping now. Although in this matter some councilors are in favor of the Executive Officer and some councilors are in favor of the Nagar Panchayat President, but the dispute between both the parties is now a matter of discussion. When the Nagar Panchayat Executive Officer was discussed in this regard, he said that The matter is in the cognizance of the higher officials and the decision has not yet been taken, which order will be implemented. He said that some things were agreed upon in the meeting like organizing a wrestling match, there was talk about forming some committees regarding these, rest of the things were done for the sake of transparency. Also, the contract system should be investigated. He says that I don’t know why some people are adamant on the contract system. He is afraid of revenue loss and corruption, for which he is in favor of getting Mela Gugal filled through contract system. When Rao Haji Jamshed, representative and husband of Nagar Panchayat President, was asked about the viral letter pad, he said it was correct and Said that he wants to get the contract filled through Nagar Panchayat Committee for which he has enough councilors. People on social media say that no one has much interest in organizing the fair and the matter is related to their own economic interests. Due to which there is a dispute going on between both the parties. Those who issued the letter included Councilor Archana Saini, Rajveer Iram, Munesh, Sushil Kumar, Anita Dipanshu Vishal alias Kanhaiya Saini, Praveen, Dinesh Kumar.