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The Eastern Ghats of India run through parts of Karnataka from Odisha in the north through Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu in the south. The region is full of rich cultural and natural heritage which is unique in itself. Let us have a look at some of the destinations in Eastern Ghats that can serve as a perfect getaway for you this holiday time.

Devmali, Orissa

This countryside on the Eastern Ghats blooms during the monsoons. The place turns into a lush green valley which will give you the much needed respite. Trekking in Devmali is more convenient than the challenging trek in Himachal or Uttarakhand. The quaint mountain peak offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Eastern Ghats.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Located in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, this area is known for the Borra Caves. These are million-year-old limestone caves located 38km before Araku City and can be combined with a visit to the Araku Valley, recommends Lonely Planet. Along the stairs leading to the caves, the caves will welcome you with dazzling lights. According to Vizag tourism, Araku Valley will welcome you with enchanting waterfalls, forests, waterfalls, coffee plantations, magical landscapes and pleasant weather.

Pachaimalai Hills, Tamil Nadu

Pachamalai Hills is located in Thuraiyur, Trichy. Pachai means green and Malai means hill, which when combined gives us the meaning of green hills. This mountainous region is situated at an altitude of about 500 m to 1000 m above ground level, and Pachaimalai boasts of a rich indigenous wildlife. The region also has two rivers: Kallar and Sweta, besides waterfalls like Mangalam Aruvi, Koraiyar Falls, and Mayil Uthu Falls will make your trip a perfect vacation. Cities around the hills: Thuraiyur, Esanai, Elambalur, Perambalur, Gangavalli, Thammapatti, Arumbavur, Malayalpatti, Thedavur and Uppiliyapuram will give you an interesting insight into the rich culture of the local tribal people.

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