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Report- Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur: Farmers of the country have started to change in agriculture along with time. Where on the one hand they were engaged in traditional farming, their income did not increase significantly. On the other hand, farmers are getting richer by leaving traditional farming and doing cash crops. There is one such farmer in Bailara village of Kumher taluk of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, who is earning double the profit by producing 4 crops in a year.

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According to the farmer, earlier they used to cultivate wheat and mustard in traditional farming and some special crops could not be grown due to less land. Seeing the farmers of Ajubajo, the idea of ​​cash crops came to mind and besides sowing two crops at a time, they are earning lakhs of rupees by taking 4 crops in a year.
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Cultivating 4 crops in 1 year

Farmer Bhajan Lal says, “I don’t have much land and was growing wheat and mustard in traditional farming. Later, he left traditional farming and cultivated cash crops. I started taking four crops in a year i.e. producing two crops at a time with double profit and income started increasing and my financial position also strengthened. The farmer says that we can earn more than 5 lakh rupees every year from this type of farming. Now, seeing our farming, other farmers are also farming in this way and are getting double profit by harvesting 4 times in 1 year.

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Earning Rs 5 to 6 lakhs per annum

Farmer Bantu says that, first of all, he cultivated Bhinda among vegetables. Other crops were sown around it. That is, two crops were harvested at one time. Also, one and a half lakh rupees of okra and 35000 rupees of other crops were sold. After that now cultivated coriander and tomato. In which coriander was sold at the price of 80 to 85 thousand rupees and its season started. Tomato crops are getting ready, will reach for sale soon. 5 to 6 lakh rupees are being earned in a year by doing this kind of farming. These crops are being prepared by farmers using organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.

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