These mistakes made in Tulsi Puja cost a lot, bad luck does not leave the chase! IG News

Kolkata : Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Along with this, there are many benefits of Tulsi, that’s why most of the houses have Tulsi plant. The house where there is a Tulsi plant, there is positivity. Mother Lakshmi resides in that house. That’s why people worship Tulsi plant. Along with this, Lord Vishnu is also happy by worshiping Tulsi, but it is very important that some rules should be followed in worshiping Tulsi. Otherwise, instead of profit, you have to face loss.

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Every morning take a bath and wear clean clothes and then burn Tulsi Maa. By doing this both Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi are blessed. At the same time, a mistake made in giving water can anger Sri Hari and Mata Lakshmi. Never offer water to Tulsi on Sunday and Ekadashi. In these days Tulsi Mata observes a fast for Lord Vishnu. Giving water to Tulsi breaks their fast, which makes them angry. Also, do not pluck Tulsi leaves on Sunday and Ekadashi, nor touch the Tulsi plant.

– Do not touch the Tulsi plant during solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Neither offer water nor worship during this time. To put in food and water, pluck basil leaves before the onset of Sutak period.

– Neither pour water in Tulsi nor touch the Tulsi plant without bathing. Touching the Tulsi plant with dirty hands or wearing shoes and slippers makes one a partner of sin.

– Don’t unnecessarily break the leaves of Tulsi plant. Doing this brings bad luck, pluck as many leaves as you need.

While offering water to the Tulsi plant, its mantra is ‘Mahaprasad Janani, Sarva Saubhagyavardhini’. Aadhi Vyadhi Hara Nityam, Tulsi Twam Namostute. Must pronounce. This gives the full fruit of worship.

Women should not keep their hair open while worshiping Tulsi.