They are falling like mad dogs on the party that raised it: Errabelli Dayakar IG News

Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao criticized Etala Rajender. They said that the people here have won the spears, avva, ayya satchiputa. Minister Errabelli participated in the BRS meeting held at Jammikunta. They were furious that some people were attacking the party like mad dogs. He asked whether there is Rythu Bandhu in BJP-ruled states. He said that the pension given there is only Rs.500. Originally, Bandi decried what Sanjay did to the people when he was an MP. They said that BJP will be destroyed if they are not brought near. Errabelli Dayakar Rao said that due to the increase in the prices of gas and petrol, the prices of other essentials are increasing. He called upon the activists to throw out the BJP. He promised to do anything for the development of Huzurabad. Once again the people here do not make a mistake.