Thieves stole Rs 25 lakh to improve their economic situation. Goods worth Rs 25 lakh were cleared to improve financial condition, police revealed this IG News

locationAgraPublished: Sep 20, 2023 04:32:56 pm

Adopting a shortcut to improve the financial condition of the house proved costly for two young men. They stole cash and large amounts of gold and silver. This is the whole matter.

Thieves stole rs 25 lakh to improve their economic situation

items recovered by police

Police have arrested two youths named Saurav and Santram in the case of theft of Rs 25 lakh that took place on September 15 in Basai Arela police station, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Both the youths caught are not professional thieves, but to improve the condition of their family, both of them adopted the path of theft.