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Think of it as an adventure. Take a risk. There’s nothing gained from standing near the edge of the field and testing your skills.

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Author: Dr. David Joseph Shewards
Translation: Riyaz Mahmud Anjum
Episode: 88
By any of the above methods So I can focus on achieving my desired goals. Then I need to hear good, positive news.
In this regard, the important point to consider is to focus only on good news and good news. If you haven’t heard this kind of news. Pull the answer from your memory bank: Say to the person you are visiting, “You look great,” or “Hey, I have something to tell you,” or “That problem you told me about last week. I found the solution.”
Take a look at the following helpful points for quick consideration:
protect your mind This equates to millions of dollars in property value.
Get rid of bad people who put bad news, bad news, and bad news in your heart with the following methods.
Tell them you’re very busy and don’t have time to talk.
Don’t respond (positively or negatively) to what they say.
Don’t believe rumors or rumours. But believe the real information
You should tell them that if they feel that this institution is terrible. They should get a job at another institution.
Think of new ventures as adventures. Take risks. Nothing is gained by standing near the curb. (safe behavior)
Put your skills to the test, test and prove that you can do anything.
When looking for a new job Always express positive and good thoughts about your previous job.
Always express good thoughts and positivity in all your past relationships.
“Avoid bad and negative news published by the media. So that you can experience happiness, joy, and peace.”
Always remember that it’s good news. Positive and true news creates more good and true news, while false, negative and bad news creates more bad news.
Pay attention only to news that will increase your spiritual and material happiness and prosperity (to be continued).
Note: This book is published by “Book Home” (all rights reserved). The publisher does not necessarily agree with the author’s views.

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