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This billionaire couple donated all their wealth and assets and withdrew from the world.

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Surat (Daily Pakistan Online) A billionaire businessman and his wife from the Indian state of Gujarat have taken an incredible step and embraced ordination by donating all their wealth.
According to a private report by TV Express News, nowadays everyone is involved in earning money for a better quality of life and a bright future for himself and his family. In this situation A billionaire entrepreneur will donate all his wealth and assets and withdraw from the world. It may seem unbelievable, but Bhwesh Bhandari and his wife surprised many by taking this step. The Jain couple donated their entire fortune, worth Rs 2 billion, in February. And at the end of this month He will officially abandon his previous life. Behind the scenes at the ceremony..
The cause of revolutionary changes in the life of a billionaire businessman and his wife was their young son and daughter. Two years ago, the couple’s 19-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son were ordained as monks. And at their insistence, Bhavesh and his wife made the difficult decision to renounce their secular life, and his wife officially married on April 22, after which they would be cut off from all relatives and would not receive It is allowed to keep any things with them. It will be in the charity that gave them.
Like other monks, they have only two white cloths on their bodies. There was a kashkul in hand and a white broom, which they would use to get rid of insects before sitting on the floor.
Many were surprised by the decision of the famous Bhandari family of Gujarat to leave this world for the Emirates. But this was not the first family to donate all their wealth and take on monastic duties. There have been many such examples before.

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