This ‘chosen beggar’ tried to get a free sofa and the response was 10/10. Was IG News

IG News report,


There’s a corner of Reddit called r/choose beggar In which there are a variety of entitled people all trying to get stuff on the cheap (or just plain free).

And it’s a classic of the genre, someone trying to get a free sofa because they’ve noticed some minor damage deserves a whole lot of treatment.


And there’s only three things people said about it after it was shared by a Redditor Apollo the Elder Who said: ‘$10 entertainment fee.’

‘I can give you exposure.

‘When people start asking if they can get something for nothing, I raise my price too.’

‘I love the answer! “That would be great! For $80 you can get rid of it for me!” Worthy epic.’
space crazy artist

‘I’m just going to start using “hmm interesting” to dismiss the listed price.’

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Source Reddit u/ApolloTheElder

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