This year, all immigration issues will be resolved at Islamabad Airport, said Minister of Religious Affairs, Senator Talha Mahmood. IG News

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Religious Affairs, Senator Talha Mahmood, said that all the problems related to immigration will be solved from Road to Makkah this year.

All matters will not be resolved at Islamabad Airport. Saudi Deputy Interior Minister has made a very successful visit to Pakistan. Two and a half million pilgrims will perform Hajj this year. The MoU has been signed on all customs issues. Road to Makkah will start next year at other airports. Speaking at the Road to Makkah ceremony at Islamabad Airport, he said that after four years, the big Hajj is being held in Quetta, Multan and Peshawar. On this occasion, Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki was present, the Minister of Religious Affairs added that they are trying to provide all the facilities for the pilgrims. No one will be allowed to perform Hajj for free. They are sending assistants to guide the pilgrims. The Hajj operation will begin on May 21. The first flight will go to Madinah. Arrangements have been made for the Hajj operation in Jeddah and Madinah. The cost of Hajj arrangements has been reduced to less than four thousand dollars. Under one roof, Pakistani pilgrims will have facilities. The Saudi government is ready to provide full service to its guests. I am thankful that the work on the Road to Makkah project from Lahore and Karachi will start soon. Efforts will be made to provide facilities to Pakistani pilgrims at other airports next year. I will give the ministry, 25 crore people are with the Saudi government and people.