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Three Vancouver police officers were acquitted of the attack when they were arrested in 2017 IG News


All three Vancouver police officers have been acquitted of assault charges in connection with a 2017 arrest that left the suspect with multiple broken ribs.

Vancouver police officers Brandon Blue and Beau Spencer and now-retired officer Gregory Jackson were all charged with assault in the May 24, 2017 arrest of a theft and obstruction suspect.

Judge Jay Solomon handed down his decision in Vancouver Provincial Court on Friday afternoon, finding that all officers acted reasonably to bring the suspect under control.

Evidence was presented at trial that David Cowie suffered four broken ribs — including two that were broken in two places — and a collapsed lung as a result of the devastation at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station.

Surveillance video played to the judge showed the officers repeatedly kneeing and punching Cowie as he lay face down on the ground. Spencer admitted on the stand that at one point he kneed Cowie three times, knocking him down three times in just six seconds.

The Crown argued that Cowie was nearly immobile while he was punched, but defense lawyers argued that the suspect was resisting arrest and that the three officers used only necessary and appropriate force.

Cowie did not testify during the trial.

More to come.

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