Three weeks of State Decade celebrations – CM KCR’s orders IG News

CM KCR has issued instructions to the officials to celebrate the birth of the state for three weeks. KCR, who had a meeting with the officials at the secretariat on Thursday, explained to the collectors about the programs to be undertaken by villages, constituencies and districts as part of the decade celebrations and their management at the field level. It has been mentioned that the state’s birth decade celebrations should be held from June 2 to 22 i.e. for three weeks. The daily programs related to this have been mentioned.

June 2: Inauguration of the festival

June 3: Telangana Rythu Day

June 4: Safety Day

June 5: Victory Day of Electricity

June 6: Industrial Progress Festival

June 7: Irrigation Day

June 8: Uroora Ponds Festival

June 9: Telangana welfare celebrations

June 10: Good Governance Day

June 11: Literature Day

June 12: Telangana Run

June 13: Women’s Welfare Day

June 14: Medical Day

June 15: Rural Progress Day

June 16: Urban Progress Day

June 17: Telangana Tribal Festival

June 18: Good Water Festival

June 19: Telangana Green Festival

June 20: Education Day

June 21: Telangana Spiritual Day

June 22: Commemoration of the Martyrs