Time to cut the tongue at the sound of astrology; If not, he went to dare and failed IG News

New Delhi, November 25: We have many dreams, some are good and some are bad. Some dreams are remembered, some are not. Often we have only one dream for a few days. If that dream is bad, then many thoughts come in our mind and we think that it has some meaning or we think that we should do something to prevent this bad dream from happening. But some people think that it is only a dream and leave it. 54-year-old Raja (name changed) from Gobichettipalayam in Kerala had a similar nightmare. For this he consulted an astrologer and the advice cost him dearly. Times of India has reported in this regard.

Raja had been dreaming of being bitten by a snake for many days. So the worried king went to an astrologer to get rid of these bad dreams. There the astrologer advised them to worship the snake. The astrologer asked the king to go to a temple, where there was a snake. They went to the temple and worshiped the snakes. The temple priest then gave another piece of advice to the king.

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The temple priest asked the king to show his tongue to the snakes after the pooja. As told by the priest, the king showed his tongue to the sap. The poisonous snake bit the king’s tongue in an instant. The king fell to the ground due to the snakebite. Then his relative K. Suresh and his family took him to the hospital. The venom spread throughout the body due to the snakebite, but the tongue was most affected by the venom. So doctors had to cut out his tongue during treatment.

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S Senthil Kumaran, chief doctor of Erode Manian Medical Center informed about the case. β€œThe patient was admitted to the hospital on November 18. His mouth was bleeding profusely. The snake venom affected the tissues of his tongue. His condition had worsened. So to save the patient we had to operate and amputate his tongue. The snake was very venomous, so we had to fight for four days to save the king’s life even after cutting his tongue,” said Dr Senthil Kumaran.

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