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Tired of being accused of harassment of the college’s administration. This disabled employee then committed suicide.

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Matiari (Desk) Khadija, a disabled employee of a government college in Hala, got fed up with allegedly harassing the administration and committed suicide by jumping into a canal. before committing suicide He explained his reasons in the letter.

According to Geonews, police said Khadija belongs to a poor family who used to work as a lab attendant in the Government College of Hala. What is being done is that the bathroom was also cleaned by force. Even four days ago He was not only created to do the same. But it also causes embarrassment.

Police said that after the suicide there was a letter in the bag with the girl’s body that said she had been harassed in college. She is about to leave this world. I shouldn’t see her again. By filling in the phone number of the house, it was written that if a body is found, please notify at these numbers.

Family members demanded that Khadija commit suicide due to threats and concerns of the college administration. This should be done with the college officials.

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