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Tirunelveli has a lifetime of pride as freedom fighters Pulithevan, Ondiveeran, Veeran Akummuthukon, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Veeran Sundaralingam, sailing Tamil V.U.Chidambaram Pillai, Bharatiyar and Vanchinathan were born in the integrated Tirunelveli district!

Boolithevan and Ondiveeran were born in Nelkottamseval, Tenkasi district and Vanchinathan in Sengottai. Veerapandiya Kattabomman in Panchalangurichi, Tuathikudi district, VA Chidambaram Pillai in Ottapidaram and Bharatiyar in Ettayapuram were born.

38 Collectors

Veeran Agumuthukon was born in Katalangulam, Kovilpatti taluk, Tuticorin district and Veeran Sundaralingam was born in Kavarnakiri, Ottapidaram taluk. All the towns where the martyrs were born were in the combined Tirunelveli district.

Tirunelveli came into existence only in 1790 during the reign of Veerapandiya Kattabomman. Kattabomman ruled for nine years till 1799. In 1801, Tirunelveli was administered as District – Zilla. Tirunelveli was administered by 142 British Collectors including Jaxanturai, Ashdurai from 1790 to 14 August 1947. After independence, there were 38 collectors from August 15, 1947 to August 19, 1986. Tuticorin district was separated from Tirunelveli on August 20, 1986. Tenkasi district was formed in 2018.

On September 5, 1799, the British under the leadership of General Bannerman besieged the Panchalankurichi fort and destroyed it with artillery shells. After that, Kattabomman left the fort. On 9th September, the fort was captured by the British. On 16th October, Kattabomman was captured by the British in Pudukottai. From there, Kattabomman was brought to Gayathar and was buried in a tamarind tree there.

There is a memorial in his memory at Kayathar and a fort at Panchalankurichi. A statue of Kattabomman has been set up in Palayang Fort. Born in Sengottai, Vanchinathan shot dead Tirunelveli collector Ashdurai on June 17, 1911 at Maniachi railway station and committed suicide by shooting himself.

Let’s praise

Maniachi railway station was named Wanji Maniachi. Vanji Nathan’s statue is erected in Red Fort in memory of him. Before Kattabomman, Bhulythevan, the hero Akummuthu Gone ruled and fought against the British for independence. Bhulythevan has a bell hall at Nelkotumcheval. A statue has been erected in Katalangulam for Akummuthukon. Freedom fighters like Veeran Sundharalingam, Ondiveeran, V.U.C, Bharatiyar all have a long history.

At Tirunelveli, there is a bell mandapam for V.U.C., and a bell hall for Ondi Veeran at Palayangottai. Born in Ettayapuram, Bharathi has a memorial house there. Apart from this, there is also a memorial house for Bharati in Thiruvallikeni, Chennai.

Tirunelveli is the holy land where martyrs like Pulithevan, Veeran Akummuthu Gone, Kattabomman, Bharatiyar, V.U.Chidambaram Pillai, Vanchinathan, who fought for freedom against the British, were born. To commemorate the martyrs’ birthdays and memorial days, we will honor the memory of the martyrs today, Republic Day.

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