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Dhruvajyoti Banerjee: Date Pay Date! No, not a court case. Rather, this is the new trend of Bengal politics. BJP has so far heated up the market with ‘December Dhamaka’. Shuvendu Adhikari’s new addition to that ‘Dhamaka’ is three dates-12, 14 and 21 December. Trinamool State General Secretary Kunal Ghosh responded to BJP’s December bomb. He gave a date and time in January.

New speculation in state politics around Kunal Ghosh’s tweet. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has warned from the public meeting in Kanthi that he will open the door of Trinamool in January. In other words, any MP-MLA can change party from BJP. So did the Trinamool spokesman inform the date of the party change in advance? This is now the question of lakhs of rupees in Bengal politics. In this regard, Kunal Ghosh said, “There are many requests regarding opening the door. MPs, MLAs and organizational leaders have applications. But the opening of the door is a matter of full debut.”

Kunal Ghosh wrote on Twitter on Saturday, “A novice astrologer has given many dates. Now I am telling you a day. I got this from an experienced astrologer. He told me, there is no important day except the wedding date in December. But 12 noon on January 2, 2023 is very important.”

However, the BJP is reluctant to give importance to this prediction of the Trinamool leader. When asked about this, BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said, these are rumors. The people of the state will not forget the false words. They want accounting for jobs, accounting for corruption.” Whatever he says, if you listen inside the BJP, you hear something else. After the warning of Abhishek, practice has started within the team.

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