To go back with PM or not, decision will be taken tomorrow: Ishaq Dar IG News

London: (Web Desk) Former Finance Minister Ishaq Darne has said that whether to return home with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif or not, a decision will be taken tomorrow.
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and leader of Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif had an important meeting in London and this meeting continued for several hours.
According to sources, Ishaq Dar will take over as the Federal Finance Minister on Tuesday, while the current Finance Minister, Miftah Ismail, will remain a part of the government’s economic team.
However, in this regard, former finance minister Ishaq Dar said that there will be a meeting again tomorrow, today was a family meeting.
He said that there is a booking to return on Wednesday, but the final decision will be taken tomorrow whether to go back to the country with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif or not.


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