Today is the last day for document verification of candidates for contractual recruitment in health department of Vadodara Corporation. IG News

Updated: Mar 24th, 2023

– So far 780 candidates appeared for document verification

Vadodara, dated 24 March 2023, Friday

The verification of original documents of the candidates whose names are in the provisional list of candidates for the recruitment of 554 workers on contractual basis for 11 months by the health department of Vadodara Municipal Corporation has been going on for six days at the planetarium and today is the last day. Earlier, online application was invited for the recruitment of 554 workers. The recruitment to be made by the corporation includes 106 public health workers and 448 male field workers. 6402 applications were received for Public Health Worker. Out of which 2,702 were disqualified. 6402 applications were received for Female Health Worker and 4,013 of them were disqualified. Thus, out of 12,804 applications, 6089 applications were approved and 6715 applications were disqualified. Around 2000 candidates were called for verification. Out of which 255 for Public Health Worker and 525 for Field Worker have attended till date. The picture of total attendance will be clear when the work is completed this evening. After the scrutiny merit list will be prepared keeping in view the qualification etc. and based on that selection will be done. The work of selection of new 554 health workers will be completed before the current health workers on contract of 11 months expire in June. Control of vector borne and waterborne diseases will be carried out by the health workers who will be recruited.