Today’s Rate List of Vegetables and Fruits-Wednesday 25 January 2023 IG News

Lahore: Today’s Rate List of Fruits – Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Name fruit Quality The weight Rate
Sib Kala Kilo Hill First class per kg 250 Rs
Decorations First class per kg 74 Rs
banana First class Per dozen 120 Rs
Guava Second class per kg 77 Rs
Anar Kandahari Desi per kg 265 Rs
Misami First Per dozen

130 Rs

Lahore: Today’s rate list of vegetables – Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Name vegetable Quality The weight Rate
potato First class per kg 28 Rs
Onion First class per kg 240 Rs
Garlic China per kg 355 Rs
Garlic Desi per kg 275 Rs
pea First class per kg 100 Rs
The carrot Desi per kg 30 rupees
lime Desi per kg 200 Rs
spinach per kg 40 rupees


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