Trinamool Congress Leader Gift AK-47 IG News

Riyajul Haq, close to the Deputy Speaker of the West Bengal Assembly and former Trinamool Congress leader, has gifted an AK-47 rifle to his wife on her marriage anniversary. He also shared its photo on social media. The BJP has demanded an investigation, accusing it of promoting Taliban rule in the state.

Riyajul had gifted an AK-47 rifle to his wife Sabina Yasmin on Monday, August 28, 2023. When the controversy escalated, Riyazul Haq gave clarification. He has said that there is nothing wrong in it. Wrong allegations are being leveled against him. This is not a real AK-47, but a fake gun. Riyazul has further said that people were questioning about this. That’s why deleted the photo from social media.

Riazul Haq was the president of TMC’s minority cell in Rampur Haat block, but he resigned from the party in May 2023. It is noteworthy that former TMC leader Riyajul Haq is also considered close to MLA and Assembly Deputy Speaker Ashish Banerjee from Rampur Haat seat of West Bengal. In such a situation, BJP is the attacker.

Birbhum BJP district president Dhrubo Saha has said, “There should be an investigation from where Riyajul got the gun. I saw his Facebook post. He is close to a former TMC leader and the state deputy speaker. What message does this send? Is this a promotion of Taliban rule? Is he trying to inspire the next generation to become jihadis?”

Explain that AK-47 is a deadly weapon. This assault rifle is used by the Indian Army and Paramilitary. In such a situation, if former TMC leader Riyajul Haq has gifted a real AK-47 to his wife, then it is a matter of not only discussion but also investigation.