Trinamool top leadership meeting today, may discuss panchayat elections and Sagardighi IG News

Abdul Odud: Trinamool supremo and chief minister Mamata Banerjee may decide the strategy for panchayat polls today. The Chief Minister will hold a meeting with the top leadership of the party at Kalighat on Friday. Apart from the panchayat polls, Sagardighi Trinamool candidate’s defeat is likely to discuss the results of the Tripura, Meghalaya assembly boats. Besides, several people have been named in corruption related to teachers. Some of them have already been expelled from the party. The ruling party Trinamool may get a clear glimpse of what strategy it will adopt in the upcoming panchayat elections and Lok Sabha elections in 2024 in the meeting of this day.

Political observers feel that the role of Trinamool Congress in opposition to BJP in national politics can also be discussed in Parliament.

However, several bills are coming forward from Trinamool sources. It is believed that Trinamool will give great importance to those issues. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Byepadhyay has been saying since the beginning that there is no unrest in the upcoming panchayat elections, measures should be taken so that people can exercise their voting rights peacefully. Disruption will not be tolerated in any way. The possibility of giving this message to the top leaders of the party in today’s meeting can be the final decision regarding the selection of candidates for the panchayat polls. It is believed that the importance will be given to those who got tickets in the last panchayat, how much opportunity they will be given in this panchayat election and their performance in past polls and how much they are currently as members.

The Chief Minister is very unhappy with the result of Sagardighi in the by-election. Why the minority vote shifted to the Left and Congress will be explored. In the last 11 years, the state government has done many developmental works for the development of minorities. Still, it is expected to keep an eye on why minorities have turned away from minority-dominated districts. In the upcoming panchayat elections, the ruling party may trust the minority Muslims in the minority-dominated areas, and the issue of giving priority to the minorities in the first row may come up. The party’s stance on corruption is zero tolerance for those who are associated with corruption. There will be a possibility of giving importance to this matter. Didi’s protection shield program started a few months ago, how much did the Trinamool workers reach the people?

The program will also discuss the needs of people and where there are problems. In the coming days, it is assumed that we will keep an eye on what message can be reached to the people in this program. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has undertaken several developmental programmes. The Trinamool supremo may want to know the progress of all those programmes. It can also be seen what other promotional programs can be taken in the future.


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