Tripura assembly election: BJP wins majority in Roozhan, Congress alliance tussles IG News

Tripura Election Result 2023 Live Update: In the early stages of the Tripura assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be getting a huge majority. However, the Left alliance is giving the BJP a hard time. Counting of votes in Tripura started from 8 am today. BJP is leading from the beginning. Also, the battle for number two is going on between Tipra Motha and the Left-Congress alliance. The BJP alliance is currently leading in 30 seats.

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Chief Minister Manik Saha is leading by 3377 votes in Town Bordowali assembly seat. Congress candidate Ashish Saha is trailing behind.

Any party needs 31 seats to form the government in Tripura. Also, BJP is leading on 39 seats in the preliminary polls. Chances are, BJP can form the government once again. Left-Congress hopes will be dashed once again.

In the Tripura assembly elections, Ruzano is constantly coming up. On the one hand, Bharatiya Janata Party is getting a huge victory, on the other hand, the Left-Congress is not even seen crossing double figures.

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