Troubled by wife death and employment young man hangs himself. Wife had died, there was no job to survive, youth sent mother to neighbor’s house and hanged himself IG News

locationJhansiPublished: Sep 16, 2023 07:31:34 am

Jhansi News: In Jhansi, a young man, upset with his situation, committed suicide by hanging himself. Before committing suicide, he lied to his mother and sent her to a neighbour’s house. His wife had already died and he was unemployed.


Naresh’s family members sitting outside the post-mortem house.

Jhansi News: The son committed suicide by hanging himself after lying to his elderly mother and sending her to a neighbour’s house. He used to do polishing work on furniture. Was suffering for a long time due to not getting work. His wife had already died. At present the police has filled the Panchnama and got the post-mortem done on the body.