Trudeau-Zelensky honor Nazi soldier who murdered Jews in Parliament IG News

Canada has become a safe haven for separatists from all over the world. Recently, a man was honored and given a standing ovation twice in the Parliament of Canada, who was among the volunteers of the Nazi soldiers responsible for the murder of millions of Jews. He may have fought against Soviet Russia, but he was among the Nazi soldiers who massacred the Jews. The name of this person is Yaroslav Hunka, and his age is 98 years.

Trudeau-Zelensky gave standing ovation

Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Anthony Rota introduced Yaroslav Lyubka to Justin Trudeau, members of parliament and the President of Ukraine as a man who fought against the Russians and honored him as a war hero. During this, Trudeau-Zelensky all gave Hunka a standing ovation twice. In response to this, Hunka accepted everyone’s greetings by giving a salute.

Honoring a companion of the Nazis who killed Jews

Anthony Rota later said that he did not know about Hunka. Later it came to light that Hunka was among the Nazi volunteers in Hitler’s army and had taken part in the war against Russia. Hunka belonged to the 1st Ukrainian Division of the Nazi Army, also known as the SS 14th Waffen Division. This was a unit of volunteers, whose direct command was in the hands of Hitler. He was among those granted asylum by Canada, saying that war crimes against the division had not been proven.

Speaker of Canadian Parliament apologized

Anthony Rota said that after the speech of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, I saw that there was Hunka in the gallery. He is a resident of their area ‘Rota’. “But neither I nor anyone present in Parliament knew about Hunka’s real past,” he said. In such a situation, whatever I did, I take responsibility for it. “I apologize to Jews around the world, including in Canada.”

Poland said – apart from apology, responsibility should also be fixed

In this matter, the Polish ambassador launched a scathing attack on the Canadian government. The Polish Ambassador said that just apologizing will not suffice, accountability of those responsible for this should be fixed.

Canada has become a safe haven for murderers

Let us tell you that in the year 2014, a Nazi hunter Steve Rambam had said that Canada is like a safe haven for war criminals. The Indian government also makes the same allegation against Canada. The Indian government has accused Canada of being a haven for Khalistani terrorists. Now Russia has also scolded Canada in this matter.

Millions of Jews were killed

It is noteworthy that during the Second World War, millions of Jews were killed by the Nazi army. They were shot, or put into gas chambers. This incident has been named the Holocaust, in which the Nazi army wreaked havoc on the Jews. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky himself is Jewish. During World War II, his own relatives also became victims of the Nazis’ havoc.