Trump saw January 6 violence as ‘inevitable’ and was ‘upbeat’ after Capitol riot, says British filmmaker

British filmmaker Alex Holder told CBS News In an interview on Thursday night that President Donald Trump viewed the January 6 violence as “inevitable” and was “roaring” in the hours following the Capitol riots.

Mr Holder, whose documentary footage was reviewed by a January 6 committee, testified behind closed doors today about what he saw as following Mr Trump and his inner circle for the 2020 election and through the months that followed. saw.

Following the public release of his testimony and select footage from his upcoming three-part documentary series set to premiere later this summer on Discovery Plus, Mr. Holder talks CBS News — telling host Nora O’Donnell that she predicted the January 6 violence.

“The rhetoric and belligerence that was unfolding after the election was so significant that, in my mind, it eventually had to end with something violent,” Mr Holder said. “Even though the way you were campaigning earlier, the idea of ​​election being irregular was already there. So January 6th doesn’t happen automatically for me.

The surprise, Mr Holder said, is that the events of 6 January were no worse.

“If you’re telling 75 million people that their election doesn’t matter, and they believe you, you’re their president and they voted for you, and you’re saying their election doesn’t count, So what else is happening?” Mr Holder said.


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