TS Jobs General Studies Tips: Alert for Telangana government employees .. Good score if you read these topics .. Find out IG News

TS Jobs General Studies Tips: Alert for Telangana government employees .. Good score if you read these topics .. Find out

It is known that the fair for government jobs is going on in Telangana. Authorities are issuing notifications to fill more than 80,000 vacancies in total. The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has already issued a Group 1 notification with 503 vacancies. It is learned that the Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) has issued notifications for over 17,000 police jobs. Authorities are also working to release a Group 4 notification with more than 9,000 vacancies soon. Millions of candidates are running the prep with the aim of getting this job with such a large number of job notifications being issued at once. However any job candidates General Studies is almost common. Candidates who have mastered General Studies in any job placement test .. Experts say that Satta Chatochani. Group 1 consists of 150 questions related to General Studies. The sub-inspector has 200 questions. However, General Studies expert Ravi Reddy said that some of these topics are repeated every time. It was suggested that a good score could be achieved if a good understanding of those topics was developed. And what did he say ..

One mark on almost all competitive exams from Vitamins and Minerals to one mark. Candidates should read these carefully.
-Vitamins are of two types. They are water soluble. The second is fat-soluble. What is the name of the vitamins, the chemical name, and with what food do they get into the body? What are the diseases caused by their defects? It is better to be prepared by taking notes on other things.

-Minerals names, diseases caused by their defects, what causes them? You also need to know other things.

-1 question came from diseases in the past.
-Diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Need to know about them.
-This time a question is likely to come up on Kovid who has rocked the world. Corona birth, non-corona countries, first corona case, first vaccine, the person who made it. Need to know the person who first gave the vaccine in India etc.

– Yet texts, bibliographers come up with questions every time on the topic. Texts based on history, books that have caused controversy, the best awards in literature, and the people who have won them are frequently asked questions. Candidates should master these topics,

– In every competitive exam there will be questions for two marks on battles. Candidates should know all the facts from the Indus Valley Civilization to the recent war with Pakistan against India. Name the year the war took place, between whom? Who won? With which treaty did that war end? It is advisable for the candidates to prepare a table with such items.

-Instances that come to another mark are inscriptions .. Ravireddy explained that if the candidates read the topic of inscriptions well, they will get one mark.

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