TV Tonight: Voices speak from the rapid end of Britain’s livelihood crisis | Television IG News

Irshadgul News report,

Dispatch: Broke – UK Debt Emergency

10 pm, Channel 4

Although it has recently been called “insignificant” by a BBC reporter compared to royal news, the cost of living crisis has certainly not disappeared – in fact, it is about to get worse. In this special Dispatch episode, Citizens Advice tell the stories of debt advisors and some of the 14 million people the organization predicts will be unable to pay their energy bills this autumn. In Southend, mom Carly is dealing with a £20,000 loan as a result of payday loans. In Manchester, 28-year-old Matina says she lives on a lump of sugar for her meals. That’s the reality here. Holly Richardson

Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworkers

8 PM, Channel 4

A little more… After debuting last year, the wood-themed Bake Off tribute hosted by Mel Giedroic returns with two new judges in the form of entrepreneur Sophie Sellu and design expert Tom Dieckhoff. The new batch of 10 contestants looks curious, but can they make a knockout dinner table in two days? Graeme Virtue

Sky Arts Book Club

8 p.m., Sky Arts

Raven Smith – aka “the funniest guy on Instagram” – joins Andy Oliver and Elizabeth Day to talk about his hilarious book Men. Tahmeema Anam also discusses her techno-satire novel The Startup Wife, while ultimate bookworm Simon Savage shares his recommendations. human resource

escape from kabul airport

9 pm, BBC Two

Desperate day… In Escape from Kabul Airport, evacuation while attempting to climb the perimeter of the airport. Photo: Pajwok Afghan News/BBC/Amos Pictures

Those were 18 desperate, dramatic days in August 2021, when the US ended its longest war by staging the largest airlift operation in its history. This feature-length documentary combines shocking on-the-ground footage of the unfolding humanitarian devastation and interviews with fleeing Afghan civilians, US Marines and even some Taliban fighters. Ellen E Jones


9.45 pm, Sky Max

The ragged and irresistible petty crime prank continues. Tonight, Joe Gilgun’s Winnie leads his hapless friends through an adventure in the woods, interrupted by cocaine-induced paranoia and diarrhea-induced food cravings. The group dynamics are captured well and Gilgun is as lovable as ever: sharp but with a winning edge of vulnerability. Phil Harrison


11.05 pm, Channel 4

In the final episode of the series, baby Paul arrives (huzzah!), Georgina returns to a new lady’s court, and Marielle finds herself newly engaged. But none of this can distract Peter from worrying about Katherine, as he so eloquently says, “fucked her mother and killed her”. human resource