Two persons extorted 8 lakhs on the pretext of giving tablets by showing false project of Anganwadi survey IG News

After taking an advance of 50 thousand and sent the agreement, asked for seven and a half lakh rupees

As soon as the businessman paid the money, he started clamoring to start the project

Updated: Mar 10th, 2023

Ahmedabad, 10 March 2023 Friday

People who cheat people in Gujarat are becoming unscrupulous. Many cases of online fraud are coming to light. Apart from that, people who cheat traders by explaining wrong schemes are also getting away from the police. Then, two persons have committed a fraud of eight lakh rupees on the pretext of giving a tablet to a businessman running a social organization in Ahmedabad by showing a false project of an anganwadi. In this regard, the businessman has filed a complaint against two persons in the Isanpur police station.

A businessman named Sanjeev Chelani has filed a complaint in Isanpur police station. In this complaint, he has said that we two brothers are running a showroom of electronic items. Apart from that we also run an NGO. In which I and Shyambhavi Tanwar are the directors. Sachin Sharma, who helped us start this NGO, also told us on the phone that there is an anganwadi project and if we want to work on it, it can be done. Then we got ready to work on the Anganwadi after knowing the details from him.

Sachin Sharma asked to come to Ellisbridge Gymkhana to know all the information about this project. When Sanjeev and Shyambhavi went there, Sachin saw Sanjay and arranged a meeting with Gunjan Bhatt. There he gave information about the Anganwadi project. He told us that his partner Digvajay Parmar was working on such a project and asked us to go to Udaipur in Rajasthan. So we went there too. There Gunjan Bhatt made us meet with Digvijay Parmar.

Digvijay made us meet with Vijendra Yadav there. He said that Vijendra will get you the Anganwadi project and take 30 thousand rupees as liaison. We told Digvijay that we don’t have the people to work on this project. Then he said, we have men who will work for you. Then we returned to Ahmedabad. Then we went from Ahmedabad to Delhi. There Sachin Sharma took us to a company called Human India Research. There he made us meet with Viren Malik. Just doing this, many visits started and we were also called for training in a hotel.

After that, they asked us for eight lakh rupees as a tablet. We initially gave 50 thousand rupees. After that the project manager Abdul Salim Khan emailed us the agreement and we signed it and sent it back to him. After that he asked us for the remaining seven and a half lakhs. So we transferred this money to them. After transferring the money, when we talked about starting this project, we were getting a reply from the front that the approval has not yet been received and it will be started after Holi. But we feel strange that we have been cheated. So the businessman has filed a complaint against Abhya Mishra and Abdul Salim Khan.


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