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Urfi Javed has condemned the murder of 48-year-old Tyler Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. He was bitterly critical of the horrific assassination of Rajasthan Udaipur Murder in Rajasthan, which shook the country. Commenting on the incident, Urfi said in his first post, “Where are we going? Allah has not asked you to hate and kill in His name.” In the name of God, he has severely condemned the assassination by writing on his social networking sites.

On another lengthy note, “People hate and kill each other in the name of their religions and gods. Urfi Javed questions what he really wants in society.

Why not talk about these things?

Why don’t we talk about education, women’s empowerment, instant handling of cases of rape, GDP? Religions are created for people to have morality and a sense of morality, ”he wrote.

Open your eyes!

Actress Urfi Javed in Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India. Has strongly condemned the assassination.

₹ 31 lakh financial compensation for a murdered man

Tyler Kanhaiya Lal, who was beheaded and killed by two men, will be given Rs. Lal was beheaded on Maldas Road in Udaipur a few days after he shared a social media post supporting the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Two suspects involved in the beheading have been arrested by Rajsamand.

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Two unidentified perpetrators have beheaded a Taylor man in Udaipur’s Maldas area today after he allegedly shared a post on social media in support of his suspended former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma.

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Rahul Gandhi condemned the incident

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that those who spread terrorism should be harshly punished. I am deeply shocked by the horrific murder in Udaipur. Violence in the name of religion cannot be tolerated. Those who spread terrorism with this cruelty should be punished immediately, ”Gandhi wrote on Twitter. “We all need to defeat hatred together,” he said, pleading for peace and brotherhood.

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