Udhayanidhi’s photo put on the stairs of the temple in Indore. Tamil Nadu CM’s son had made controversial remarks on Sanatan IG News

Indore38 minutes ago

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Protests have started in Indore after the controversial statement given by Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s son and minister Udhayanidhi Stalin regarding Sanatan Dharma. After the protest against Udayanidhi in Delhi-UP, Mumbai, now Hindu Jagran Manch has protested in a unique way in Indore. Forum officials put Udhayanidhi’s photo on the stairs of Bijasan Mata Temple located on Airport Road. Devotees climb up and down by placing their feet on it.

Recently, Udhayanidhi Stalin had made controversial remarks regarding Sanatan Dharma, due to which protests against him started across the country. In this series, workers of Hindu Jagran Manch in Indore have protested against Udhayanidhi Stalin in a unique way.

Hindu Jagran Manch workers put a picture of Udhayanidhi Stalin on the stairs of Bijasan Mata Temple located on Airport Road. Now all the devotees who are coming to the temple to have darshan of the Lord, first clean their feet by placing their feet on the photo of Udayanidhi and then enter the temple.

District convenor of Hindu Jagran Manch Indore, Kannu Mishra said that Udhayanidhi has hurt our sentiments, hence we have put his photo on the steps of the temple. Due to the way Udhayanidhi Stalin has commented about Sanatan, he is being opposed in a different way. Similar protests will take place in future also at different places.

In fact, in his statement, Udhayanidhi had compared Sanatan Dharma to dengue and malaria. Udhayanidhi had said in the statement given in the Sanatan Elimination Conference that ‘Sanatan Dharma is against social justice and equality. Some things cannot be opposed, they must be abolished. We cannot oppose dengue, mosquitoes, malaria or corona. We have to erase it. Similarly, we have to destroy Sanatan also.

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